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{ DO'S }

1. Advisor should be polite & he must have communication skills .

2. Advisor should provide best advise & must share some key points to help him to win the obstacle & get him succeed.

3. Advisor must call his clients with client's name such as MR. AMAN .

4. Advisor has to be kind , honest & open to help to his clients.

5. Advisor must cover up all of the Questions which are asked him .

6. He must be passionate about guiding people all the time .

7. Advisor has to say thanks to his clients & has to wish them " All the best sir/ mam"

8. Advisor has to remind his client the left to end the call , he must inform the client 2 minutes before the call gets cut .

9. Advisor must be at a calm & noiseless place while talking with his clients.

{ DON'T }

1. Advisor doesn't have to waste time to talk about other things , he doesn't have to deviate the topic.

2. Advisor can't cut the call before the time .

3. Advisor doesn't have to disrespect his clients over phone call .

4. Advisor doesn't have to miss any appointment & call .